How to choose your wifi router ?

The router is computer equipment whose role is to circulate packets from one interface to another. It is a device, equipped with a parent card and RAM and RAM memories that allows connection in Wi-Fi mode. THE WIFI router Discloses the information collected on the internet, from the case, to all connected devices: computer, tablet and smartphone. Sometimes confused with the modem, the router intervenes downstream: the modem collects information while the router distributes them.

Many manufacturers offer routers that ensure rapid data delivery via Wi-Fi.

How to get a Wi-Fi connection from anywhere, thanks to the 4G router ?

Wi-Fi, wireless connection

There 4G box will allow you to obtain a stable connection even in the mountains, where the conditions for receiving the Internet are not always ideal. The router is connected to the modem via an Ethernet cable. The signal thus captured is transformed into a Wi-Fi sign, then transmitted to the various connected devices.

THE WIRELESS (Wireless Fidelity) is the most popular connection mode: wireless, any device and anywhere.

What elements make up the box offered by Internet suppliers ?

Each telephone operator, in France, offers several types of boxes. The case you recover from the supplier of your choice is then a set that includes the two modem and router functions.

Wi-Fi and passenger bands

Wi-Fi is spread by radio waves who may have different frequencies and more or less long litters. Some boxes thus offer at least two passenger bands: the 2.4 GHz long -range, which crosses the walls. This allows you to place the device far enough from the computer, in another room for example.

On the other hand, this network of long -range waves is often saturated and parasitized by all electronic devices such as the automatic openings of portals or babyphones, for example. However, this bandwidth remains the most frequent thanks to its long range.

The recent 5 GHz band is therefore less used. The more stable connection offers a clearly higher quality and flow. Its main defect remains its scope. Only nearby devices capture this frequency. You can invest in a rehearsal To overcome this problem.

New routers regularly offer a system Dual Bande Or tri-band. In this case, you will have two bandwidths at 5 GHz and one to 2.4 GHz.

Why choose your router according to your internet consumption ?

We have seen that there are simple band routers, dual-band, and even triple bed. The way you consume your data must determine your choice. A person who lives alone will not claim the same flow as a family. Several people in the same home will request a bi-band or triple-bed router, in order to allow both the reading of streaming videos and a gaming use. Indeed, the gamers skyrocketing the exchange of data.

It is therefore necessary to provide a powerful router.

Most routers have cables, but there are also wireless routers. They generally have a firewall and you can create a secure connection of your private network by configuring a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This type of connection prevents hacking by attributing to your domestic network an IP (Internet Protocol) address.

The IP code is the identification number of any computer network. It is from this unique identifier that data transfer can take place.

How to connect your wireless router thanks to the WPS ?

You notice on all routers as well as on certain devices such as printers, a WPS button (Wi-Fi Protect Setup). The use of the WPS makes it possible to connect the devices between them, without using a cable. A PIN code, integrated into the router, secures the connection.

We must not confuse Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This last wireless connection mode offers limited coverage at 10 or 12 meters and its flow is limited. This technology works perfectly between two smartphones for example, as soon as they are near the other.

Just approve the connection to be able to share it.

Difference between Hub and Switch

THE HUB system is made up of two or more boxes that must be paired. Once the pairing has been made, the signal established between the HUB, it is enough to connect them to the sector and connect them to computers or to the Smart TV. The hub concentrator recovers the signal and retransmits it in all the parts without router.

What is a switch ?

THE switch, As for him, is a network switch. It consists of a box which offers several Ethernet ports. This device has the same function as the hub, but it is in itself much more efficient.

Good to know : Internet suppliers rent the routers made available to their subscribers. Nothing prevents you from buying it trade. Specialized sellers are easily on the web. However, remember to change the router regularly.

He becomes obsolete after 2 or 3 years. An up -to -date device allows you to take advantage of the latest technological innovations.