Culture D’Company at Microsoft

The Microsoft IT multinational is best known for its Windows operating system and its Office office suite. However, the Redmond firm also stands out for its corporate culture. The point on this subject !

Microsoft slogan and mission

Microsoft’s story dates back to April 4, 1975. This date marked the creation of the world famous computer company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Its current slogan is “Be What’s Next “ which can be translated by “Take the’advance “. In 2010, the company officially announced that this motto would replace “Your Potential, Our Passion” or “Your Potential, our Passion”. There Culture D’Company at Microsoft being carried on inclusion, Its employees were the first to have been informed of the change in July 2010, during their annual conference (Microsoft Global Exchange).

About the assignment of the Redmond firm, it consists in giving everyone the possibility of concretizing its ambitions by providing him necessary means. To achieve it, Microsoft strives to maintain a close relationship with its customers. The company thus makes it a point of honor to communicate with them and to identify their needs as well as their use of technology.

In addition, she advocates Reliable IT. In practice, it is a question of bringing an optimal customer experience to life and setting up a sustainable customer relationship in:

  • Offering quality products and services;
  • Acting quickly;
  • Showing himself responsible;
  • Showing.

Also considering digital culture as a competitive advantage, Microsoft is due to support the digital transformation of organizations.

Microsoft slogan and mission

What are Microsoft’s values ?

There culture of’company at Microsoft puts forward values which help to carry out the mission mentioned above. THE respect is one of the most important. Within the company, the belief that each individual has intrinsic value is strong.

Thus, the opinions, feelings and background of others are given the same importance as those of an employee, director or officer at Microsoft. THE different points of view are not ignored. Even if a disagreement arises, it is excluded to belittle each other.

Integrity is also a key value of the culture of’company at Microsoft. To gain the trust of customers and partners, the company favors honesty, ethics, transparency and confidentiality. She also strives to keep his promises and act according to what she is just considers.

To ensure its credibility, Microsoft takes full responsibility for its decisions and actions as well as their consequences. The multinational is also aware that a company must deploy a respectful technology of everyone and the environment. Her CSR policy thus incorporates commitments in favor of a sustainable future.

That said, its organizational culture encourages each employee to develop other values such as:

  • Passion for technology;
  • Open-mindedness ;
  • The desire to make the world better;
  • Determination to take up major challenges;
  • Self -criticism and questioning capacity;
  • Performance culture.

In addition, Microsoft applies to instill a innovation culture at its employees. The company also wishes to provide real support to the communities in which it evolves, and this, showing innovative leadership.

What are Microsoft's values?

Culture of’enterprise at Microsoft: how’company rallies its employees to its mission ?

Strong of its employer brand, the Microsoft company manages to attract the best talent. To retain them, but also allow them to adhere to its mission, it continually designs new digital tools aimed at improving collaborative work and well-being at work.

Microsoft relies in particular on the live events made possible by its cloud-hosted office suite (Office 365). For example, they are used by general management and executives to discuss with the teams. Promoting interactive discussions, the live event is created thanks to the Office 365 built-in video service (Microsoft Stream).

You should know that it can be recorded to be viewed later by those who could not attend.

In addition, the possibility is given to employees of speak in open communities forum. These can share their ideas and concerns there or ask questions. Promoting social dialogue makes it possible to arouse confidence and bring out a feeling of belonging.

What is more, this type of community allows employees who did not wish to express themselves during a live event to exchange with a hierarchical superior.

On the other hand, managers at Microsoft ensure a Strong online presence. In this way, they can share content (videos, news, etc.) and resources. This is a great way to create employees’ commitment and strengthen it.

Finally, the internal communication is planned and executed with care. Its impact is also evaluated. To do this, Microsoft notably uses Office 365 collaboration hub (Microsoft Teams). This collaborative platform has been designed to facilitate teamwork, promote cohesion, stimulate collective intelligence and improve productivity.

Startups and large groups can completely subscribe to Microsoft’s cloud offer to be able to motivate their employees and unite them around a mission.