What are the prices of the Real estate at L’MAURITIUS ISLAND ?

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is known for its breathtaking landscapes, its climate, as well as its beaches and its idyllic lagoons. In addition to the tax advantages, it is for these reasons that it appears in the list of African countries most appreciated by real estate investors.

What are the prices per square meter at the’MAURITIUS ISLAND ?

THE Mauritian real estate sector is more than attractive. One of the main reasons to invest in it is its taxation and selling prices relatively favorable to foreign investors. In addition, with new real estate programs (luxurious apartment made up of several rooms, individual house and villa), Mauritius is the dream destination for real estate investors.

What are the prices per square meter at Mauritius?

Prices per square meter vary depending on the geographic location

According to the latest reports, on average, the price of the’Real estate at L’Mauritius of the square meter is around 1,255 euros in town. It is good to note that the basic rate amounts to almost 610 euros and can rise to 2,830 euros.

Outside the city, the average price revolves around 1,030 euros. The sale price per square meter starts at more than 380 euros and rises to 1,940 euros, depending on the period of the year.

Zoom on the evolution of real estate prices in Mauritius

In general, it takes between 150,000 and 350,000 euros to carry out your project to buy a new apartment. The floor price concerns IRS / res apartments made up of a single piece, while T4 houses are the most expensive. Like the price’Real estate at L’MAURITIUS ISLAND may evolve, it is to go to specialized sites such as Magazine Economy.

In what cities should be investing ?

The city in which investing depends on your personal preferences and the living environment you are looking for. However, it is necessary to study more closely the prices of the’Real estate at L’Mauritius to make the right choice. We reveal some of the regions most appreciated by real estate investors.

The Grand Bay is in the lead in our ranking. This is due to the sale price of real estate that does not fail to seduce investors and its ambient dynamism. Indeed, this seaside city offers many activities dedicated to the whole family, children and adults.

Located on the west coast, Flic en Flac is considered to be the second station of Mauritius. This region is appreciated for its exceptional landscapes, worthy of a postcard. It does not lack attraction, with its vast beaches, night boxes, restaurants, etc.

If you prefer to invest in real estate far from tourist areas, turn to Pereybère. This old fishing village is acclaimed for the attractive sale price and the calm that reigns there. Despite the fact that many modern structures are constantly emerging, he keeps an authentic character.

In which cities should be investing?

What are the formalities to invest in the’Real estate at L’MAURITIUS ISLAND ?

The apartments and villas you are allowed to buy are in predefined areas. With this in mind, dedicated real estate programs have been implemented by the Mauritian government, namely the Property Development Scheme (PDS). It is good to note that by combining the three real estate investment plans, the State allows foreign investors to purchase luxury property.

You can be the proud owner of a 1 -room apartment located in an integrated complex. Thanks to the old res regime, you are free to invest in a villa with swimming pool or in an apartment in full property. However, these real estate must have a Aggregation of the Board of Investment.

Whether for the purchase of a main residence or a 1 -room apartment for the rental, this rule applies.

For a real estate purchase whose minimum value amounts to 332,000 euros, you are eligible for permanent residence permit as a foreign investor. This is also the case for your spouse and your children under the age of 24. As a result, once the deed of sale has been signed and the real estate transaction has been registered, the next step is to start the necessary administrative procedures in order to obtain your residence permit.