How to send an anonymous SMS from a computer

I’sending SMS has become a harmless gesture. We send messages all the time, whether important or not. When’We send an SMS with a mobile phone or smartphone, we go through the telephone network and our S number’automatically posted. Can we send an SMS from a computer by going only online and how to do ?

Send an anonymous SMS with a computer thanks to a mailbox

It is possible d’Send an anonymous SMS with a computer. Online messaging services include a multitude of little -known features. Among these, you have the possibility of’send a text message via a mailbox.

To do this, it is advisable to create a new email address, without revealing your identity, of course. Choose a name of’user that suits you but will allow you to remain anonymous. To send an anonymous SMS via an email box, click on “new message».

The procedure is as follows:

  • Find out about the name of the’recipient operator (to find out’operator D’A phone number, you can consult the prefix list on Wikipedia)
  • Memorize your phone number
  • not’Register nothing in the object case
  • In the recipient box, indicate the’Address that includes the telephone number, Arobase, the name of the’operator and L’extension “.fr ”(ex: [email protected])

Be careful, you should know that’You can send an anonymous SMS from a mailbox only if the recipient n’forever changed your Rio code (Subject D’operator identity). To make a little reminder, this code allows you to change D’operator and keep their initial phone number. So if your recipient has changed D’operator in the meantime, you will not be able to send him SMS anonymously.

The latter will see your identity S’display and he can reply to your text message directly via his smartphone.

Send an anonymous sms via a specialized site

If the technique of anonymous sms by email n’is not possible or seems complicated to you, you have a second solution for send a message anonymously from your computer. Depending on the different sites, you will have for example one free sms per day, a character limit or you will have to pay for the service. Here are 5 sites to send anonymous sms.

This site offers you’send by sms to less than three minutes with a signature of your choice among 500 references. You can plan the’send messages, create templates and save contacts. Messengo is a reliable site, not expensive and you have 1 sms free per day.

Here, the service is free in exchange for viewing’An ad (an SMS offered by viewed ad). Among the negative points of we do not receive d’acknowledgment of receipt, sending an SMS takes time.


This young site is practical, fast and reliable. To use, just pay 1.25 euros to send an SMS. The means of payment are diversified: Paypal, Bitcoin, CB, etc.

If you want a quick and efficient site, avoid it. Indeed, is full of advertisements, you n’have no guarantee that your anonymous SMS has been sent. Created in the 1990s, it n’is not intuitive or reliable.

This Seasms allows you to’Send anonymous SMS around the world. You can select an option that costs around 20 euros and allows you to’Send unlimited anonymous SMS and add attachments (photos, videos).

Sending an anonymous sms with a computer is quite simple. You just have to s’ensure that his identity remains well hidden. Also, avoid’using this service for unhealthy purposes because telephone harassment exposes you to 1 year in prison and 15,000 euros in’fine.

To find the best method, try both and then make your choice.