How to choose between short and long training ?

When it comes to new or additional training, you have a choice between short or “one shot” training and longer training. Depending on your goals, it is not easy to decide which one will be best for you. This article therefore proposes to list the advantages of each route, as well as the disadvantages.

You can then decide on the pace that suits you.

The case of short training

If you already have a skill, this type of training will have the advantage of reinforcing it and making it denser. You can also use it to discover a little-known field in a short time.

Short training courses are preferred by companies for the supervision of their employees. They offer skills that you will have to apply directly. If you don’t do it, you will gradually forget what you have learned.

Choose a short training course with a diploma to improve your performance in the company.

The particularities of the long training

When you want to have skills in a sustainable way, this type of training is what you need. It requires concentration, effort and pugnacity. The long training is the basis to develop knowledge related to a branch of trade.

Therefore, for cases of professional reconversion, they are ideal.

However, there is an alternative between short and long training courses: e-Learning. This teaching method combines the advantages of both types of training. It provides you with practical skills, delivered according to an adaptable schedule.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to learn on a long-term basis, which allows you to anchor your knowledge.

In the business world, additional training is always welcome. Whether it is a short or long training course, it is up to you to select them according to your objectives.