Learn the basics of electricity’industrial electricity through training

The training is open to all, and allows you to learn more’optimize your skills and knowledge’broaden your knowledge, while leaving the rest to us’opportunity’evolve professionally. So to move up the ladder, open the doors to the job market or just to improve your skills, you can consider this. If your field of activity is’activity concerns the’If you’re interested in working in industry, especially maintenance, why not take an electrical training course? ?

Carry out electrical operations without risk

You will thus be able to acquire new bases, which can really be useful in your functions. In this way, you will gain in versatility, because you will benefit from the basics of industrial electricity’industrial electricity and be able to’use measuring devices. You will also learn about the’You will also be able to handle current clamps, industrial electrical equipment testers, which is far from being a secret’to be negligible.

By following a training in industrial electricity, you will be able to intervene on certain electrical sites. Thanks to experienced trainers, equipped with the necessary skills, you will be able to’If you have a great deal of know-how and knowledge, you will fill in the gaps in your electrical skills. You will be able to perform certain electrical operations without risk, since you will discover the good practices of prevention and safety.

The training will meet your real needs, and at the end of your apprenticeship, a certificate certifying your skills will be issued to you.

New skills for more versatility

It will be possible to finance the training via a training plan, CSP, AIF, individual financing. During this course, you will study the electrical circuit, voltage and current, the notions of power and the law of electricity’Ohm. The dangers of electrical current will be discussed, so you can understand them in good conditions, which will avoid accidents. Alternating current and its different forms n’You will also be able to handle current clamps, industrial electrical equipment testers, which is a very important part of your training’insulation and other instruments.

You will be able to You will be able to perform interventions on various electrical equipment like a contactor, fuses, disconnectors and switches, differentials etc… You’ll be able to carry out electrical malfunction research without difficulty.