What criteria for choosing your reconditioned smartphone ?

A reconditioned smartphone is an already used phone that has been sold to a professional. This took care to clean it, repair and put it back in a packaging. Opture for a reconditioned smartphone is a way to give a second life to phones that have been used little.

You very often have the possibility of choosing a large brand device at reduced prices. But then what are the criteria to select it well. We will explain everything to you.

The general condition of the reconditioned smartphone

All the phones reconditioned as on Smaaart are sold with an indication of their general condition. They are therefore arranged in four very distinct categories that specify their visual aspect. You can take a look at sites like Smaaart for you the offered phone brands as well as the condition of these.

But in the meantime, it is important to know them to choose the reconditioned smartphone which will be the most intact.

The grade has+

This is the highest possible cosmetic level for a reconditioned type phone. He indicates that the phone has no scratches, but also no wear. It is therefore in excellent condition like S’He had just got out of his original soundtrack.

The grade has

A smartphone in this category has micro-scratches on the screen, the shell or the slice. The little downside is that they are mostly visible to the naked eye. However, this does not generally question its proper functioning.

Grade B

This mention indicates that some traces of use are visible on the phone. There are also a little more marked stripes on the entire phone. The state is therefore a little less good than that of other cosmetic grades. It is thus less advised to opt for a reconditioned phone of category B.

The grade C

It is a state that must arouse a little mistrust on your part. Indeed, the traces of wear are much deeper than on the other types of reconditioned smartphones . There are generally furrows on the phone screen. Ideally, avoid phones that are part of this category.

The indication concerning its provenance

It is not always easy to know what is the origin of a smartphone. However, it is best to ensure that it has the European Union CE logo. Indeed, it is a marking that attests to the commitment of the manufacturer of the product.

He therefore testifies to the conformity of this.

The presence of different guarantees

The reconditioned phone that you will choose must be under 24 month warranty. This legal guarantee of compliance supports breakdowns, telephone dysfunctions, but also performance limits. In addition, you must also be able to benefit from a guarantee of hidden defects. It proves that the vice was present with that you acquire the object.

Finally, it must also be sold with a commercial guarantee. In the event of a problem, it allows you to be reimbursed or to be able to replace or repair the phone purchased.

Internal phone memory

To choose a good refurbished phone, it is important to watch your storage capacity. Indeed, having a good internal memory avoids having to empty your phone regularly. Ideally, you can choose a smartphone with an internal 16 GB memory, as you can download a good number of applications.

This will also allow you to make fairly long videos.

It is not so difficult to choose a refurbished phone. Indeed, you just need to follow these few criteria. They will allow you to find a smartphone that you are not going to regret having bought.