How to create and manage a snapchat group

Snapchat is very popular with French users, especially young people. The application offers them many functions, such as discussing, sharing photos and videos or making online calls. It also allows them to exchange in groups.

But then, how do you create a group on snapchat ? What to do to find one and become a member of it ? We tell you everything.

How to create a group on Snapchat ?

To create a group on Snapchat:

  • Access the social platform via a laptop or a mobile application;
  • Press the floating image of the cat at the bottom right of the screen or swipe to the right;
  • Press the “New Group” option to create a cat with others;
  • Select one by one from your list of friends, contacts that will be part of the discussion group;
  • Press “Discuss with the group” to start interacting;
  • Press “new group” to rename the cat and finalize the process.

It is possible to include around 16 people in a discussion group on Snapchat. You have to be 100 % sure of the users you want to interact. Indeed, you will not be able to remove anyone from the group.

It is the members who choose to leave the cat of themselves. But if there is a particular contact with whom you no longer want to exchange, you can always block it from the settings of your account.

The creation of a group answers the question how to recover its flames on snapchat ? These symbols appear as soon as two people send Snaps continuously for three days in a row. We are talking about exchanges of snaps here and not simple cats.

The flame disappears 24 hours after you and your interlocutor stopped exchanging snaps. The application nevertheless warns you when your relationship is no longer all flames fire: an hourglass icon appears next to the name of your contact. Note that the snaps you send to the groups cannot bring back the flame symbol.

How does a snapchat group work ?

The operation of a group on Snapchat is different from what can be found on other social networks. Already, the person who creates the cat has less power than on other platforms. For example, it does not have the possibility of withdrawing one or more members.

Nor can she close the cat online.

The group’s creator can, on the other hand, add new members among his contacts. Just press the cat profile icon to bring up the “Add members” option. The list of contacts and perhaps some suggestions from friends is displayed, only’to choose which ones inviting to become members of the discussion group. There is another method which consists in sending invitations.

In the group settings is the “Invite via a link” option. You must then press “Invite”. The invitation link can be shared with your friends and family by a messaging application like Whatsapp.

A group on snapchat is a place of exchange, punctual or permanent, depending on the wish of the members. The group can expire and disappear on its own if no snap has been sent for 24 hours. Messages in cats with several are also deleted after 24 hours.

Members are not necessarily all friends in Snapchat. To integrate a group, you must nevertheless be invited or create a yourself.

How to find a group on Snapchat ?

To find a friend, a person or a group on Snapchat, you have to go through the search option (the magnifying glass symbol displayed on the screen). Once you have found the group that interests you, however, you cannot send a membership request. To become a member, you must be added by a cat member.

This therefore assumes that you argue it via a private message beforehand with a person who is part of the discussion group. Otherwise, you can always create your own cat.

Snapchat’s objective is to make discussions pleasant and fluid. It is for this reason that you can only become a member of a group if you are invited. If a person adds you to a cat, it is certainly because you know yourself and especially that you regularly exchange with them.

It is also for this reason that the application does not give the creator of a group of discretionary powers (withdraw a member or delete the cat) who would place him above the others.

Change the settings of an Snap group

To change the settings of a Snap group:

  • Open the mobile application;
  • Access “group discussion”;
  • Tap the “Group Chat” icon to bring up the group profile;
  • Press the menu (the three points aligned) on the right at the top of the screen;
  • Select the setting (s) to modify.

It is possible to change different parameters such as:

  • The name of the cat;
  • Message notifications;
  • The conversation ;
  • The invitations.

When one or more parameters of the discussion are modified, the members are notified of it.

How to know who has seen his message in a group discussion on Snapchat ?

There are different rules concerning messages on snapchat. Non -read DMs are, for example, automatically deleted after 30 days. If the message was sent to a discussion group, it disappears after 24 hours.

A message is also deleted once the recipient read it before leaving the conversation. However, the deadline for’expiration in a group on snapchat remains the same. The message is no longer displayed after 24 hours, whether or not it has been read.

You can nevertheless keep messages longer by saving them manually.

By pressing a message for a long time, you can find who has seen it or saved it. The list of people who opened a snap in a group discussion appears just below. A friendmoji or a bitmoji sticker is, however, visible for the last user who sent a message to the group.

These rules are in perfect adequacy with the very functioning of snapchat. The application has indeed been designed to promote exchanges intended to be deleted automatically after a relatively short time interval.

How to add a new member in the Snapchat discussion group ?

It is naturally possible to add as many members as you wish in your discussion group. To access the list of cats, slide the screen to the right. You can also access it via the discussion icon located at the bottom of the screen. If you use a mobile device, now your finger on the group concerned to bring a window.

Then you press more. Two options then open:

  • Add members to the group: you choose people from your friends on the social network;
  • Invite one or more users via a link: this is provided by the application and will be shared via an instant discussion tool such as WhatsApp.

It is interesting to emphasize that all members of the group can add other users.

How to leave the snapchat group cat ?

You may no longer see the interest of being part of a group on Snapchat. To leave the cat:

  • Access the group’s parameters;
  • Press the three points at the top right;
  • Press “Leave the group”;
  • Confirm by pressing again “Leave”.

When a member wants to leave the group, the cats and snaps you have sent automatically disappear. It is always possible to reintegrate the discussion, provided that one of the members invites you to. Messages history remains inaccessible, however.