Accident on a site: responsibilities and procedures

The occurrence of’an accident on a site involves taking responsibility and procedures. This kind of situation is regulated by laws and standards which should be aware of. However, preventive measures are necessary to anticipate situations at risk on construction sites.

They concern both workers’ safety and that of employer.

Safety equipment: what is the’importance of warning an accident on a site ?

As master of’work or employer, you have l’Obligation D’Ensure the safety of your workers. This involves a meticulous control of compliance and monitoring of the rules related to construction work. The same is true for those related to preventive measures related to risks on a site. To this end, it is necessary to provide workers with reliable safety equipment.

In this case, it should be noted’Importance of the anti-fall net on a construction site.

Safety net, essential anti-fall equipment

The anti-fall net presents itself as A mesh device designed in polypropylene. You have’a variety of formats with regard to the choice to be made. To choose an appropriate anti-fall net, you can take several criteria into account. They’acts in the material in which the latter is manufactured, grammage, but also the shapes, diameter and dimensions of the meshes also count.

In general, it is square and diamond -shaped meshes that appear on this type of net.

It is possible to make available to your workers on the construction of the tailor-made anti-fall nets. You can use a professional protective net specialist to benefit from’a quality product which will meet the specific needs of the site. This safety device is characterized by its resistance.

VS’is D’elsewhere which makes it an ideal protective equipment on a site. These anti-fall nets must meet NF standards in 1263-1 or NF P93-355 to be reliable.

The functions of this site equipment

To minimize the risk of’accident on a site, the anti-fall net is appropriate. In effect, they’Adapts to height constructions. As such, he ensures the protection of workers in the event of falls. It allows’Avoid damage to’sanitary order such as injuries, fractures, etc.

Its operating principle is indeed very simple. It is placed at a certain height of the soil in order to reduce the fall distance of workers or objects. In this way L’impact is less, even non -existent.

What are the risks associated with construction work? ?

I’importance of preventive measures is more noticeable with an assessment of risk of’accident on a site. Multiple existing possibilities are available as follows.

Non -completed installations

Accidents on a site may be due to bad manipulation of source D’electric energy. L’absence of’Appropriate safety equipment, Electroctions occur quite easily. This is D’as much more frequent, when the work does not fall under’Expertise in the matter.

The falls

They concern not only people, but also work tools. For height constructions during periods of’bad weather, accidents are numerous. A state of fatigue, poorly positioned equipment is also at the’Origin of falls on construction sites.

Poorly posed working tools, S -engrales’collapse on construction professionals a few times.

Poor manipulation of devices and tools

VS’is the category of injuries caused by a poorly used hammer for example, or a poorly targeted point. A badly focused or positioned machine can create an accident on a building site. The transport of heavy materials is at the’Origin of the various ailments that can be worsened among workers.

It is the same for deafening noises, not very comfortable for the’hearing.

That’Is it responsibilities in the face of an accident on a site ?

Here, to locate responsibilities, it is necessary to consider specific situations.

Construction work carried out by a declared company

In general, L’evolution of’A project is based on workers delegated by a construction company. It can s’act d’an individual or d’A local place in the place. The most important thing is that the structure is declared. Thus, the law related to the labor code stipulates the following:

  • The master D’work must’Ensure the safety of workers deployed on a site;
  • Essential provisions for the smooth running of construction work must be put in place;
  • Safety measures to serve as prevention in the face of accidents on a site are compulsory.

If L’company lacks compliance with legislation, responsibility is its own at the occurrence of’an accident. In this case, the’insurance company insurance covers the care of the workers concerned. Obviously, this remains conditioned by the effective declaration of work on your site. Also, it is necessary that the’company has’Civil liability insurance.

Insofar as this one’is not declared, you become systematically responsible for all complications that have occurred.

A volunteer association as part of’a building site

If you associate yourself with neighbors or the family, the potential site accidents will be your responsibility. In general, You have responsibilities as master of’work. D’First, s’they’Acts in large -scale construction work, you must notify the authorities.

They are able to issue you the necessary authorizations to carry out your project.

They have the means required to provide you with safety devices. Also, it is recommended to take out damage insurance – work. This will cover the material damage caused during construction work.

What are the steps to follow to deal with incidents on a site ?

At first, the’worker must put his employer (l’company) aware of his accident, within 24 hours except agency. Subsequently, he will benefit from’A medical certificate after a meticulous examination. As for L’company, it has’obligation to provide the professional BTP a file D’accident.

Finally, This will declare the’CPAM accident (Primary body D’Health Insurance).

In case of’accident on a site, responsibilities vary from’A situation at the’other. They can be’construction company consulted or master of’work. To prevent the risks of’accident, safety measures are useful.

Thus, L’use of anti-fall net is an example.