LWS: a premium web host for less than € 2/month with a free domain

LWS is a French company founded in 1999 specializing in web accommodation. With more than 20 years of experience, it has solid renown in this area. LWS offers several web hosting formulas to meet all needs. One of them is accessible from 2 euros per month.

This offer is detailed below.

Why host your website at LWS ?

Web accommodation for less than 2 euros/month. Impossible ? However, such an offer does exist at LWS. Called Personal LWS, this web hosting formula has undeniable advantages.

An all inclusive pack

There Personal LWS Formula allows you to benefit from a full pack. You will notably have access to a domain name. Choice most popular extensions as .Fr, .com, .info, .net, .org, or .eu. You will also have 10 personalized email addresses based on your domain.

It should be noted that this type of email address inspires more confidence, because it is more serious.

This formula of theWeb host at 2 €/month also offers a 100 GB disk space. It also provides you with an automatic installer (LWS Auto Installer). The latter gives you the possibility of installing in one click on your accommodation space various functionalities as well as CMS recognized such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, etc.

You can easily create a personalized website with these tools.

Offers adapted to your need

LWS Auto Install Allows you to install as many features and software as your accommodation space allows. You can also easily delete installations made if you want Unclutter your disc space. In other words, you can try all the features and all the software that interests you thanks to this formula of theWeb host at 2 €/month.

If you aspire to benefit from a certain autonomy or real simplicity, your wish will be granted thanks to theintuitive management interface. It allows you to easily manage your domain name, emails, databases, etc.

LWS Personally will also be suitable for publishing several light websites. Concretely, this offer is intended for accommodate medium -sized sites. It is especially adapted to individuals and beginners.

That said, nothing prevents you from subscribing to it if you are a business and that it includes the resources you are looking for.

Assistance and servers based in France

By opting for the LWS web hosting offer, you can access a Assistance based in France. The team available to you exclusively includes accommodation professionals. She is therefore able to provide an answer to all your questions.

She will also accompany you in all your technical procedures To ensure the proper functioning of your website, your domain, your email addresses, etc. You can use several means to obtain assistance: E-mail, live chat, telephone and technical ticket.

All the LWS servers are also based in France. They are hosted in Redundancy datacenters N+1. These data centers are well protected against fires, power failures and infiltrations. Note that the web host only uses high performance servers, most of which are based on a raid (redundant backup system).

To offer more security, He regularly performs Several backups.

These various advantages make it possible to promote the offers offered by LWS. You should know that in addition to Personal LWS, the web host provides you LWS Starter And LWS Performance.

Try LWS, C’is l’adopt !

You have decided to create a website for Increase the online visibility of your business and take full advantage of communication techniques such as storytelling ? The Personal LWS offer is perfect for hosting a first website. It will allow you to Create a showcase site on which you can present your business and your activity. You will also have the option of setting up a small blog or forum.

As it has already been indicated above, Personal LWS provides you with all the tools you need to put a website online. To do this, you do not have to have particular technical knowledge. Thanks to this formula of theWeb host at 2 €/month, You will be able to quickly create a place on the Internet.

When your needs are evolving, you will only have to choose another LWS offer. Indeed, after trying one of the formulas of this web host, you will no longer plan to leave it.