How to invest in the physical gold ?

Gold is worldwide considered the refuge value par excellence. Indeed, this placement support is timeless and not very sensitive to banks' policy. The valuation of the precious metal remains however determined by the supply and demand.

Thus, it is an assets like any other which exposes to risk of loss of money. You can nevertheless secure investment by taking certain precautions.

Investing in physical gold: why ?

Individuals most often decideInvest in physical gold to ensure the safety and fungity of their assets. Indeed, this precious metal inspires confidence and has a universal value. You can therefore draw liquid from it, regardless of the country and the context of the exchange.

In addition, the purchase of Golden Lingot is now facilitated by the existence of specialized sites and dedicated counters.

As an investor, you can also take advantage of the Reputation of gold as a refuge. The value of the asset is generally stable in times of growth or even economic stagnation. In case of instability or crisis, precious metal suddenly becomes much sought after by individuals, professionals and institutional.

This increase in demand will necessarily increase the price of gold and the potential capital gains to resale.

Physical gold also stands out for its tangible side and available. Indeed, you will have ingots or gold coins in your possession. You will be able to use them at any time and as you wish (sale, exchange, transmission, fusion, transformation, etc.). For comparison, you will have to fulfill certain conditions and carry out various operations before converting liquid actions.

How to do it ?

Before investing in physical gold, you must take the time to choose your interlocutor. The asset in itself is a security guarantee. However, you are safe from questionable practices and scams. In the best of cases, you will buy ingots or louis d´Or at a price higher during the market price.

The scam, however, represents the greatest risk in the sector.

As a precaution, favor recognized players such as banks, counters or brokers and specialized sites. You can then be sure of the reliability of the announced characteristics and the security of the transaction. In addition, these operators often offer additional services such as storage of gold.

You must also anticipate this problem by investing in physical gold.

Unless you have a chest, it is strongly advised not to keep ingots or gold coins in your accommodation. Jewelry can possibly blend among your fashion accessories. On the other hand, other forms are easier to identify.

Lost gold is however difficult to trace, because it can be transformed. Nevertheless, the collectors have more value in their original form. A connoisseur will therefore avoid melting them and will allow you to find them.

Some tips for investing well

As with any other active, you must clearly define your strategy for investing in physical gold. The best solution will depend on your objectives and your investment horizon. In addition, these criteria are decisive from the selection of your investment medium.

You can notably choose between jewelry, ingots of different weights and investment or collection parts.

Some tips for investing well

It is better to bet on parts and ingots, if you are counting on the fungibility of gold. Indeed, the collectors are aimed at a fairly limited audience. Their value is also disconnected from the precious metal course on the market. Depending on the economic situation, it can be an advantage or a disadvantage.

You have, however, objects at the price of gold with ingots and parts. However, you will be subject to capital gains tax (36.2 %).

You must precisely study the taxation of gold on a long-term or heritage investment. You will then have Access to interesting taxation in the event of resale or transmission of your property. You can, in principle, benefit from an exemption by retaining investment gold over 22 years.

Before this period, you will have to pay the tax on capital gains (19 %) and social security contributions (17.2 %). You can nevertheless go to the tax on precious objects (6 %) by investing in jewelry or collectibles.