I importance of Image in the 21st century

I’existence of’A new culture 2.0 with its moral and ethical code, apart from unwritten rules, has raised and put in interest the concept of personal brand based on values such as the’Authenticity, L’honesty, l’Honesty or self -capacity, with principles such as generosity, sharing important contributions and contributions with the community, terrestrial or generally cybernetic, in which we invest your time, its qualities and talents without expecting anything in exchange.

Image The Marketing Revolution

The digital and social media revolution allows millions of people’Interconnect and D’Exchange content and conversations on the web. VS’is, in fact, through social networks where people are closer to each other, establishing new forms of social relations, based on the’belonging to virtual communities, groups of’interests and monitoring of personal or corporate brands, which contributes to our own digital marketing.

But, everything’First, we must do a strategic analysis, know how to distinguish the brand, which is the construction of’a symbol or d’a set of graphic and verbal symbols including the’objective is to differentiate yourself from the market and’be in the head of the consumer who s’identifies it. I’digital identity, c’That is to say the’set of the own and acquired characteristics that characterize an individual or a collective in a means of digital transmission, being the verification of these characteristics which allows us to determine that’an individual is who he says he is; Branding, the reason why we leave a mark by means of our brand or style, being the process of creating a brand, by means of the’identification, development and maintenance. Finally, reputation, what people think, think, consider or appreciate about someone’a C’is prestige or l’esteem that’They have D’A brand, D’an organization or D’a person.

It is also important that we know how to build our own work niche, generating an economic approach which is an initial port with an entrepreneurial touch that awakens the vision of entrepreneurs. We must not only show’responsible individuality, but we must also commit ourselves in favor of the’environment.

VS’is above all a working environment that’strive to transform "authoritarianism" and "control" into "participation" and "responsibility". This relational environment can only be based on talent, and the strengthening of confidence between the worker and the boss, giving way to a concept of productivity linked to the results, because it modifies the’environment of the traditional workplace and the organizational model.

The new generations must be able to sell their virtues as well as their personality traits, so that the employee and the’company value the productivity-responsibility-liberté relationship.

We all have a personal mark. We N’have that’to discover it and give it the means to’to act. Having a personal mark is in most cases a question of’to be and to want, this brand exists because’She is in the’spirit of someone’one, and for this to happen, it must be visible to others.

But develop a personal brand, c’is more than simply gaining visibility and strengthening your professional career: you need to know yourself: who am I ? What do I want to be ? What are my goals, my aspirations, my dreams ? How will I sell myself ? Do I really have clear expectations ?

These are the key questions that we, as’interactive users at a time when the’instantaneousism prevails, must pose and give priority to our objectives and signs of’identity in a “network” society that surrounds us and where fiction often exceeds reality.