How to succeed with your viral marketing strategy ?

The competition between companies is at such a level that it is necessary to use a well-crafted marketing strategy to deal with it. And it’s not the marketing strategies that are lacking. In fact, there are many strategies.

Among the existing marketing strategies is the viral marketing strategy. But what do we mean by viral marketing strategy ? And how should I launch it ?

Viral marketing: c’is what ?

As its name suggests, viral marketing is a mode of promotion in which the offer spreads like “a virus”. Indeed, in the case of viral marketing, the commercial or marketing offer is disseminated by its recipients who are responsible for recommending it to relatives or colleagues. In other words, it is the phenomenon of recommendation or word of mouth that is the basis of viral marketing. The viral recommendation depends on the originality or the humorous nature of the message, the useful value or even sometimes the remuneration resulting from a sponsorship system.

Furthermore, it is important to know that the viral marketing is a strategy that existed before the advent of the internet. But with the Internet, the potential of viral marketing has increased even more, especially with the ease of transmission of information offered by this tool.

In practice, there are two forms of viral marketing. The first is called viral engineering, referring to the integration of sharing tools such as social buttons, e-mail or others on a mobile application or a website. To this end, recommendations bars or functions are added in editorial content, the product sheets of a website, confirmation emails or even site pages. These recommendation features have the particularity of being present even if the points of sale are offline. As for the second form of viral marketing, it represents a creative investment, a real viral campaign logic.

Unlike the previous strategy, content or device is put in place in order to promote a real phenomenon of vital diffusion. These include viral videos here.

How to launch a viral marketing campaign ?

For the launch of a Viral marketing campaign, A series of steps is rigorously to follow. It is necessary at first, to define the target (community, age and others) of the campaign. This will surely allow you to touch, move or shock so that your brand circulates in the targeted community.

Then, it is necessary to define quantified objectives so that each objective is supported by actions and a specific implementation of the means allowing to quantify the conversions as well as the results of the operation.

Also, it is necessary to get rid of the viral campaigns observed pell-mell on the Internet by adopting an idea or an innovative concept. Thus, your content will reach its target and will be strongly shared in the community.

For the launch of the campaign itself, you must have a base of people who are interested in your brand for this campaign by referring to a site with a large audience, a Facebook page or a Twitter account. The other possibility is to rely on the network of influential people such as opinion leaders, bloggers, communities to whom you should introduce the viral content that you would like to convey. Also, another possibility is to use larger partners to help you relay the concept.

In addition, you can opt for the choice of spending your money in order to promote your viral campaign on blogs but also on youtube.