What’does the shadowban on instagram ?

Instagram is one of the main social networks in the world. Its number of monthly active users exceeds one billion. To offer them a better experience, social media has set up the device called shadowban.

VS’what is the shadowban on instagram?

THE shadowban consists of ban a user from instagram. This practice aims, among other things, to fight against people who tend to share pornographic or homophobic content. Other social media such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn also use this device.

Instagram account holder not notified when shadowbanned. He will have to perform a manual verification to find out if any of their posts have been blocked.

In any case, whether applied against celebrities, influencers or professionals, this sanction compromises their chances of gaining subscribers and increasing their audience. Indeed, she clear their username from search suggestions. It also reduces the reach of their posts and decreases their engagement rate.

It is therefore important to avoid the shadowban on the various social networks. Otherwise, a user will not be able to get more visibility. To increase his audience, he will also have to constantly make sure to use relevant keywords. Posting regularly, but not in an untimely way, will also allow him to develop his community.

Moreover, rather than always posting photos, he should like those of his followers. Finally, it is recommended to link your Insta account to your other social network accounts. Be careful, you can also be shadowbanned on Twitter.

Why we can have a shadowban ?

Why can we have a shadowban?

Instagram applies a shadowban against a userr when a abnormal activity is noted on the profile of the latter. In particular, he may have used third-party applications or bots that automatically generate comments, likes, etc.

Social media also targets abuse as the fact oflike more than 200 photos in a single day. Similarly, it penalizes users who use a hashtag to distribute prohibited content. In addition, shadowbanning may be initiated due to non-compliance with the terms of use relating to nudity, sexual harassment, incitement to hatred or violence.

It is right to Distinguish the shadowban from a content problem. It is indeed possible that your followers are tired, because you always post the same type of photos or videos. To have more influence and increase your number of subscribers, it is necessary to diversify the content published on social networks.

How to get out ?

How to get out?

For get out of the shadowban And be influential again with social media users, you will have to act quite differently. First, avoid behaviors that are not respectful of the rules established for at least 15 days. Also stay discreet And stop interacting with the community that follows you for 48 hours.

Subsequently, pay attention to Do not use the banned hashtags. Do not hesitate to vary your hashtags. Bet on the most targeted for better audience quality.

At the same time, you will gain new subscribers.

On the other hand, it is important to no longer use applications that automate actions. It is also advisable to follow only the accounts that really arouse your interest. If you are a business, love and comment only the content concerning directly your activity or to your brand.

In addition, set up a limit of likes and comments per day (at most twenty). Also remember to collaborate with a community manager. You will entrust him with the management of your Instagram account.