Hotel: how to create a natural room ?

I’one of the objectives of hôworkshops is d’attract new customers and seduce them. It is not only important to’increase the number of’hôyour, but also that the end result is satisfactory. The basis of’a satisfied customer is elegant decoration and furniture hôworkshop of the highest quality, in accordance with the expectations of the customer vis-à-vis your establishment.

You must offer a personalized, unique and pleasant service. The first impression is essential for your business and the’hospitality must be present at all times. You can then create a room of’hôsuch nature.

Essential amenities for a bedroom’hôsuch nature

To create a bedroom’hôsuch that marks customers, you must l’develop d’a certain way.

Bedding and curtains

When’they’is about decorating a bedroom’hôsuch, the bedding plays a rôthe important. Assuming that’it meets minimum quality standards, you need to think about how it s’Integrates in the furniture and the colors of the walls. It is possible to call on bedding professionals for hôteliers, like, to make bedding that corresponds to your establishment. Speaking of sheets and pillowcases’pillow, white is the most common color.

It is natural, because it facilitates cleaning, since’It can be washed at a higher temperature. Duvets and edited people can however be of different colors. In this sense, think of colors that’grant with the tone of the walls, to give the’Harmony to the piece.

Regarding the curtains, the colors must be accompanied by bedding and its style, in accordance with that of’hôsuch. In this case, you can opt for a double rideau, the main curtain being clear or white, with a second curtain in a darker tone. This choice allows the customer to take advantage of all the brightness of the room, but also to preserve their privacy, S’he wishes.

Hotel bedding

bedroom lighting

I’bedroom lighting is intended to create different atmospheres. To do this, it is necessary to’study ceiling and side lightsôside of the bed. A system must be set up that allows the client to’have good lighting. This system must allow the room to’have a more intimate atmosphere or relaxed. The type of’lighting will largely depend on the style of the’establishment hôworkshop.

For the central zone of the chamber, where is determined the’main room lighting, you can opt for different systems.

For one hourôsuch modern, recessed luminaires or LED spotlights are perfectly suitable. With different systems of’lighting, on the côtee of the room and in the center, you can play with the’atmosphere. Another riskier option is to use designer ceiling lights. In the case of’A room in a hôTel of charm or a hôLike rural, suspended lamps can be a plus in the room. Taking into account all these aspects and with good planning, you are sure to give your rooms’hôLike a special touch.

Thus, your guests will feel at the’comfortable and, above all, they will recommend your establishment.

Arrange the walls with attractive colors

Another key point of decoration D’A room D’hôThis is linked to the color of the walls. You can think of colors that should not necessarily be sober and boring. Purple, light blue or yellow can work very well in the room. You can even take a risk and opt for striped colors, combining white with red or blue.

The result will be surprising. If you want to go a little further in personalization of the walls, you can consider D’other options like wallpaper. VS’is a slightly more risky solution, because the wallpaper requires more’interview. Often the simplest thing can be the best option.

In this case we are talking about white walls. I’advantage of this option is that you gain in amplitude and luminosity. Whatever color you choose for your bedroom wall’hôsuch, make sure that’they’harmonizes with the interior decoration.

The furniture

Depending on the’available space and type of’establishment hôworkshop, you have a multitude of’bedroom furniture options. S’they’is about’a Hôsuch having many chambers, the most logical is to’opt for functional furniture and easy to replace. What’they’act as bedside tables, desks or the headboard, you must ensure their versatility. In the same way, he’is not necessary to’have a lot of furniture.

With the basic elements, c’is more than enough, no difference if the furniture is lower or higher quality.

Hotel room furniture

However’they’is about’a Hôsuch more exclusive with fewer rooms you can try to make the customer feel more special. The furniture then plays a roleôthe very important in this aspect. Different pieces of furniture with a personal touch, such as sideboards or tables, can transform a room into a unique place.

You can think of’other furniture that gives your bedroom a’hôsuch a more distinguished touch and, above all, which are of high quality.

Why arrange your bedroom well?’hôsuch ?

All d’first, the style and conveniences of’a stay at’hôsuch depend, to a large extent, on its positioning. Today’today, customers are looking for something specific in each establishment hôworkshop. They don’t only focus on location, but also on a series of services or types of services’accommodation. However, d’other potential customers are looking for certain details, depending on the trip’they will perform.

This n’is not the same thing to look for an hôso much charm to stay with your partner as to look for a room in a city for a trip of’business. You need to consider how you want the customer to perceive you. This makes it possible to meet his expectations and make him come back.

Before planning the’layout of the rooms, think carefully about the location of the’hôsuch, it will save you from’possible contingencies.