Refurbished mobiles: good or bad idea ?

With the evolutions of modern technology, getting a new state-of-the-art smartphone at a low price is almost impossible’impossible. Yet those who can afford n’do not hesitate to switch to the latest models and get rid of their old one, which can thus be reconditioned and put back on the market. We present to you today’today refurbished smartphones, combining state-of-the-art and low prices.

Different consumption habits

When it comes to mobile phones, there are three main schools: those who can afford the latest models of’a brand and who thus change smartphones every 6 months to take advantage of new technologies, those who do not’don’t have the money and are always looking for the cheapest, and those in between, who like new but don’t want to spend thousands and cents on a new phone either. Indeed, with state-of-the-art smartphones costing around 1,000 euros each, it is understandable that not everyone can afford the luxury of’change more’once a year.

Too many discarded or unused phones

Whatever’anyway, the big problem is that most of the time, when’we change our mobile phone, or we throw away the’old in the trash, or put it in a drawer alongside many other obsolete mobiles, thus letting them sleep peacefully for many years. According to a Senate report published in September 2016, one hundred million used mobile phones would thus sleep in the drawers of the French. The question of the’environmental impact’is therefore laid for a long time and large recovery campaigns for used mobiles have been set up, which has prompted certain companies to specialize in the reconditioning of used smartphones.

What’do’a refurbished smartphone

The term “refurbished” might scare some people. When we s’buys a new smartphone, we indeed want’it is new and’it has no malfunction. That the most skeptical be reassured, c’is the case of refurbished smartphones: they are sent to certified recycling centers to be checked by approved technicians to check that they are working properly.

The phones are thus restored to working order and repackaged in new packaging to be put back on the market.

Is the quality optimal ?

Yes ! You n’have no fear in terms of the quality of’a refurbished smartphone. First, refurbished smartphones are often from our first school – those who renew their smartphone every six months – and n’have therefore often been used very little. Plus, they’re fully vetted by specialists as skilled (if not more) than those who created the phone in the first place.

All parts are thus checked and defective parts replaced.

In order to verify that’they have the same quality standards as’a new laptop, the manufacturer or the reseller usually carries out a final quality control before putting the terminals back on the market. And to ensure the proper functioning of the’device and prove quality work, refurbished mobile phones often benefit from the same guarantees as a new laptop. He does’so there really is nothing to be afraid of.

A great gesture for’low cost environment

Buying a refurbished smartphone is very interesting because you can get a state-of-the-art mobile phone at a low price: they have a price of’purchase approximately ranging from 30% to 70% of the price of’basic purchase !

But’interest of’buying a second-hand or refurbished mobile goes well beyond the amount spent on it’purchase. VS’is a very important gesture for the’environment. Indeed, this practice of reconditioning aims to promote the reuse of products, to preserve natural resources and thus to reduce the number of waste.

The refurbished mobile market therefore aims to give a second life to a device which is still functional, which turns on, turns off, has all its functions as if it were in new condition. Oh yes, the’ecology also perhaps at a low price !