Innovative solutions in the logistics sector

The logistics sector is the’One of the most dynamic areas currently. Generating more than two million jobs, it is constantly evolving. This s’explains by the competition which is tough there.

Logistics companies therefore compete in’ingenuity to bring added value to the services that’They offer their customers. What are the innovative solutions in the logistics sector ?

I’future of logistics: eco -responsible management of returns

Most companies set up complete logistics systems to ensure the storage and delivery of their goods. However, he n’is not excluded, especially for online commerce, to face returns of goods for various reasons. The cause may be an order error or simply the non-compliance of the requirements of the order.

In order to react promptly in the’one of these cases, it is appropriate to’have an effective logistics procedure to manage feedback. In L’Ideal, the latter must take into account the’possible re -use of products, their reconditioning for’a valuation or their destruction. VS’is notably the case with Clic Logistic who registers his logistics operations in an eco -responsible dynamic by limiting the destruction of products.


The eco -responsible management of returns aims to ensure adequate use for returned products, without harming the’environment. Systematic destruction n’is therefore not an option. This management will seek to reintegrate products into stocks. With this in mind, an analysis is done to determine which articles are in good condition.

These are separated from the lot and restored to circulation.


In case of impossible reintegration, the’option to repacking remains possible. Articles can be revamped or reworked to serve promotional sales or special offers. In general, the product is reworked as far as possible to preserve part of its value.


In cases of visible deterioration or damage, eco -responsible management will opt for repair, rather than destruction. For this, temporary workshops can be installed within Logistics warehousess. In this way, the treatment of products is more effectively.

You’will have understood, eco -responsible feedback allows you to keep your customers’ confidence, but not only. This logistics system is used to preserve the’environment by limiting waste production and promoting recycling.

Innovative logistics solution

Automated storage solutions

Automated storage solutions aim to’Optimize logistics processes as much as possible. They allow you to save time and’storage space. They consist of robotization of your warehouses by the’Installation D’latest generation devices.

They’act among other things transstockers, motorized shuttles or conveyors. In this way, you considerably increase your productivity, while minimizing travel. Indeed, devices can be configured to operate without discontinuity. Flows D’entries and outputs of goods can therefore be perpetual.

In addition to promoting optimal management of the’space, these solutions increase the safety of operators.

The latter avoid tiring tasks and supervise the’Set of machines activities. In this way, accidents are limited. I’one of the strengths of these Automated storage solutions that is’They are linked to software that allows meticulousness control of stocks.

This ensures almost infallible traceability to all goods.

Depending on the needs, the automated storage systems can work with pallets or with bins. In the first case, you can make use of’a transifer or d’A PALLET SHUTTLE Automatic system. In the second, you have the choice between a miniload transofeur and a shuttle system. Of course, if you wish, associating all these systems is perfectly possible.

It is therefore enough to meet the necessary conditions.

I’Big data integration into the logistics strategy

It is important to become aware of the enormous amount of data that Logistics processes generate. In addition to’be present in impressive quantities, these data is constantly changing. It is therefore appropriate to involve the big data.

It allows the’Analysis, sorting and l’interpretation of data related to logistical processes.

In this way, errors linked to certain decisions could be avoided. It can s’Acting delivery times or even ordering for ordering. Thanks to the big data, all these processes can be optimized and well oriented. I’one of the advantages of this method of’analysis is that’She is able to’Use all data produced digitally.

This remains valid, whatever their nature.

They’therefore acts’A method D’analysis that we recommend to you in order to’have an excellent decision -making base. You will limit the margins of’error and can more easily anticipate certain situations.