That do SIRH software ?

In the current context of digital transformation of companies, human resources management is also called to digitize. HRM software allows them to meet this need. What exactly is it ? What are the different types of SIRH software ? What are the advantages provided by using these tools ? Discover the answers to these questions below.

That’Does the HRIS ?

THE SIRH (Human Resources Information System) is a human resources management system which brings together on a single interface several HR functions. These can be categorized in 4 families, namely:

  • Payroll management. The dedicated module automates this function by grouping all the related information;
  • Management of work services. The dedicated software brick manages the staff presence schedule and automates the management of absences and leave;
  • Social benefits management. The dedicated module aims to simplify the management of compulsory and optional social benefits;
  • Human capital management. The dedicated module brings together all the services that relate to human resources proper. It allows for example to recruit new talents. It also covers the training and evolution of careers.

THE bonds between these different functions are carried out by a SIRH software. SIRH automates repetitive and time -consuming tasks, which increases business productivity and ensures better costs. It also improves human resources management and monitoring of the payroll.

What is the SIRH software ?

There are three types of HRMS:

  • THE Solutions on Premise. This is the type of SIRH software the most known. The solution is installed directly on the local servers of a company. It implies l’Buying a license with a supplier and subsequently became the property of the company. It is thus easier to Secure HR data and ensure their confidentiality ;
  • THE Software in SaaS mode (Software as a service). This type of software is Cloud hosted. Instead of buying a license, the company subscribes a subscription. This solution has the advantage of being accessible in any place, regardless of the medium used;
  • THE ASP solutions (Provider Service Application). The software takes the form of a Application that sets up on site, But which is accessible by internet. THE server is hosted at the publisher As in the case of the SaaS. However, the company buys licenses to be able to use the software. Payment can be monthly or annual. At l’Converse of the SaaS on the other hand, an ASP solution cannot be connected to other software.

SIRH software, pay software: what are the advantages of equipping your HR with high -performance software ?

Use a SIRH software In your business will allow you to benefit from a number of advantages. One of the major advantages of such a tool is the time saving. Thanks to the'Automation of basic tasks Like the management of the schedule or the development of payroll sheets, the HR service can focus on missions with greater added value.

If your company is one of VSEs or SMEs, you can in particular optimize your payroll management thanks to the cloud solution offered on this site. This is online payroll software Sage Business Cloud pays. It allows you to:

  • Easily produce your pay slips online;
  • Save your pay data;
  • Take advantage of a continuous update thanks to which you can remain in accordance with legal and regulatory developments;
  • Carry out your social declarations online.

Using SIRH software, you can also Optimize the management of your human resources. Errors and oversights are limited thanks to this tool which brings together a large number of information concerning human resources. This can also issue recommendations on the organization of the latter.

I'Improved employee monitoring is another advantage of a HRIS. The software incorporates tools such as dashboards which allow you to optimally monitor business management. It therefore facilitates decision -making.

SIRH software also offers a global vision and in real time on Staff schedules and its availability. It thus becomes easier to program meetings or interviews without it disturbing the general organization.

Finally, SIRH software allows empower employees. Which can for example fill their time sheet themselves, they are more involved in administrative management.