Health crisis: 5G is late in France

U.S’all waited with a lot of’impatience, but because of the coronavirus and containment measures,’Arrival of 5G in France n’that will take place that’at the end of the’year. The health crisis has made French operators late.

A new agenda for 5G

Confinement obliges, the auctions which should have taken place on April 21 are postponed. Sébastien Soriano, the president of the’Arcep, unveiled a new calendar during his conference with the Commission of the’regional planning and sustainable development. French operators will have to wait until September to fight in order to recover a maximum of blocks.

For information, the minimum price of’A block is auction at 70 million d’euros. In other words, if you have just asked for a banking prohibited loan, that will not be enough for you to become the owner of’a block.

The government has the’intention to extract at least 2.17 billion’euros to operators who will have to fight to grab as much ground as possible on their behalf on national territory.

All our sectors are blocked

The telephony sector is far from knowing the crisis but the confinement slows down all the steps. Conversely, many sectors of our economy are suffering from this epidemic and are suffering dizzying losses.

Tourism and real estate are sectors very affected by confinement. These sectors are impatiently waiting for deconfinement to be able to relaunch their business.

However, many small businesses may not recover from these long weeks of no revenue’business. Although the government has launched a’exceptional assistance that allows entrepreneurs to apply for a “loan of’emergency ”at the bank, some will not be able to relaunch their activity.

Moreover, n’let’s not forget that this credit will have to be repaid and although the interest is low, it must be understood that the’inactivity can quickly kill a small company.

Restart growth

I’epidemic has done a lot of harm to our country and this on different levels. Beyond the disease, the virus has also affected our finances. Unemployment, poverty, filing for bankruptcy, will growth be able to recover? ?

Even if the government mobilizes, it will also be necessary for all French people to participate in a national effort to relaunch the’economy. Getting back to work, to begin with, will unblock the situation. But afterwards, we will have to make our country work by learning to “consume French” more importantly.