Buying your first car: how to do it ?

Buying a car involves different aspects that are often difficult to manage the first time. In particular, you must learn to choose a model adapted to your budget and your needs. You are also required to complete all the necessary formalities for this type of transaction.

Finally, you need to know the practices of the players in the sector to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.

Buying a first car: a big step

Before’buy your first car, it is important to consider his motivations and profile. For example, a young driver is generally characterized by a limited budget and a simple desire for freedom. The requirements are, in this case, lower and focused on the financial part.

Thus, buying a car with Kidioui will help to compare the offers corresponding to the criteria and the prices envisaged.

If you have just obtained the permit, you can also make mistakes due to lack of experience. You actually risk scratching or damaging a car whose size you do not control. Moreover, it is often advisable to favor city cars and ultra-compact models as the first vehicle.

This decision makes it possible both to limit the purchase price and the risk of snagging.

The situation is totally different, if you are an experienced driver. In this case, you must take the time to analyze your motivations. Above all, it will be necessary to identify the specificities of your activity, if the purchase meets a professional need. On the other hand, you benefit from greater latitude, if it is a personal initiative.

You only have to think about your driving style, your most common routes and your level of comfort. In any case, it is better to opt for a new car in order toamortize the investment over the long term.

What documents are needed to buy a new car ?

It is currently possible to choose between a multitude of interlocutors for buy your first car. Most often, professionals take care of the majority of the formalities related to the acquisition of a vehicle. Certain supporting documents are nevertheless essential when purchasing from a dealer, agent or other intermediary.

After finalizing the transaction, the seller is supposed to provide you with the registration certificate (gray card) of the car. This document must include his signature as well as the date and time of the sale. The concessionaire is also supposed to manage the regularization of your registration number. For this process, you will need to provide, among other things:

  • An application for registration;
  • A purchase invoice or purchase order;
  • A certificate of conformity;
  • A valid residence certificate, not older than 3 years.

The certificate of conformity is a document issued by the manufacturer. This document proves that the technical and aesthetic specifications of the car comply with the report approved by the technical control. You can then be sure that the vehicle is new and in its original condition. Other supporting documents may also be necessary, if you are applying for financing such as credit, LLD (long-term rental), LOA (rental with option to buy)…

What are the delivery times for a new car ?

Now there is a myriad solutions to buy your first car. You can in particular turn to a dealer, an agent or even a site specializing in the sale of new vehicles. Each actor will have his own organization in terms of delivery.

Thus, the deadlines will fundamentally depend on your interlocutor and your choice in terms of personalization.

What are the delivery times for a new car?

As a rule, a new car can be received within 24 to 48 hours, if it is available in the seller’s stocks. This period then corresponds to the finalization of administrative formalities and the preparation of the delivery of the vehicle. The duration may even decrease significantly, if the seller is near your location. The operator will only carry out the necessary technical and legal checks.

Then it will provide you with the car on its premises or at your home.

If the model should still be imported, the deadline will depend on the brand, the means of transfer and the country of origin of the vehicle. The wait may, in this case, vary between 1 and 6 months depending on the manufacturer as well as its distribution system. With a brand with a regional stock, the delivery time will be less important compared to an import from the factory. However, the duration is likely to lengthen and exceed 12 months with advanced customizations.

It can even reach 24 months for manual and high-end finishes.